Matthildur (tjara) wrote in 400words,

It does get easier

Reaching the gravel surface of the docks, Tal kept close to the ground and moved over to Magnan who was on her subteam. There was no sign of life on the long stretch that marked the place of docking itself. No lights lit up this part of the harbour which meant it’d be easy to secure. Tal glanced at Danya who was nearby and still shaking with nerves. It would be nice if she stayed alive in this round, having failed the previous two practices.
Prescott came in Tal’s direction and signaled for Magnan to stand up. She could hear him mention something about the strategy to her partner. Magnan was in charge of the subteam whenever they split to gain advantage. He wasn’t tall, but he was strong and had been doing field ops in the past both before and after joining the logistics department.
“We split up, group Tango Two will report to Magnan, Tango Zero will stay with me,” Prescott suddenly announced, falling back to the people he would be in charge of. Magnan was quick to assume authority and directed his team to the other side of the harbour where a few containers would provide shelter. Prescott was clearly going to take the plains and leave Magnan in the mountains. Tal glanced back towards Danya and noticed that one of the men on her team was pulling her off the ground. It was a sign for Tal to move after Magnan, running for the shelter of the containers and keeping her eyes on the long stretch that lead to a village of containers stack on top of one another, creating what would surely be a maze for them to navigate through.

The five of them all lined up with their backs up against the container they first reached, with Magnan glancing to check what was on the other side. “Shit, I didn’t know there was an alley here,” he breathed as he turned back to them. “Here’s what we do. Emanuel, you stand across there where you can get a view down the street we need to move down through. We gross the end of the container one at a time and when the last one goes John will be on the end of this container to provide shelter for Emanuel. Is that clear?” Emanuel’s was to use the container they were facing, and he nodded and moved over, resting up against the red exterior and glancing past Magnan into the darkness. “Tal, Danya, John, that’s the order,” Magnan commanded before disappearing by the corner. Tal knew it was her turn when a soft thump of metal against gravel was heard from Magnan’s direction.


"It's been raining for three months now!"

First job.
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