Matthildur (tjara) wrote in 400words,

Think less, act more

I've been trying to get back into the gear for writing but not doing so well so seeing how active kamerad has been in this community I thought I shouldn't make more excuses. ;)
For now I'm just experimenting with fleshing out character ideas.

Tal leaned back in her office chair, twirling it back and forth with a thoughtful expression on her face. She had a large map in front of her, and in several places there were markes on it after one of her four pens, black red, blue and green.
Outside her window night was settling in over the city and of her team Tal was the only one left in the logistics department. She was however not alone in the building.

With a sigh, she reached for her can of now-warm soda and emptied it. She gave a certain chaotic place on the map a quick glance before rising up from her seat. The office was in quite a state after a busy week with dirty mugs and dishes littering the place as well as reports, drawings and different files scattered all over whatever empty desk space there was available.

The problem at hand was not imminent, hence why the team had been allowed the afternoon off, but Tal was nonetheless uncomfortable about it. There was something in the situation that kept playing at the back of her head although she was unable to pinpoint what exactly it was. The troops were making headway through very rough terrain and through air strikes had already disrupted a transport net for the opponents. It all looked good as they were closing in on the main force whilst own supply lines looked safe. The generals were even optimistic enough to say logistics could lay off for now. Sure she trusted their instincts, the very men that were doing the fighting, living and breathing the tension of the battlefield.

“Tal still here? That’s a new one.” Tal spun around as she heard the voice, catching sight of the brown haired thirty-something man in the corridor of the large office.
“I wouldn’t miss our midnight run-ins for anything,” she told Samuel of the communications department with a sly smile. “I hope you brought me something to drink.”
“It’s not late enough for that yet, I just saw you sneaking around and decided to check up on you. You really ought to spend your time off elsewhere. You know, have a life.”
Tal grinned, sitting down on the edge of her desk. “It’s a bit of a vicious cycle, that. I meet people only to discover that all I am capable of talking about is work which no one wants to know, so it’s tempting to work even more, and we both know what happens then.”
Samuel shook his head almost sadly. “One day you’re going to overextend yourself here, you’re not going to be the asset you are today if that happens.” He raised his hand before ducking out of the office. “Go home, I’ll catch you later when you genuinely should be at work. Food and drinks on me when that happens.”

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