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Burnt Plastic

The Instructional Institute of Lower Reason

AND WHAT, I must ask, is THIS?
The half-piscean stared at the mess. It was the common 'funny thing'- a bowl of noodles draped upon the plastic dinosaur's head.
"It's funny," the half-piscean remarked.
This CERTAINLY is anything BUT funny! the raging stalk raged, This dinosaur is PROPERTY of this INSTRUCTIONAL INSTITUTE. THERE IS NO REASON TO PUT FOOD ON IT!
"Well, it's not really food 'cause nobody wanted it," the half-piscean said.
YOU DARE DEFY ME? the raging stalk said, YOU have just earned a fine trip to the INCINERATOR ROOM.
The half-piscean didn't say anything and quietly left the room.

In the incinerator room, the fire maker coughed and wheezed a greeting to the half-piscean.
"Nsr. Stalk sent me here," the half-piscean stated.
"And wh-WHO are you?" the fire maker asked.
"My name is Lune Artem."
"That's a nigh-NICE name. Ah-I'M called Mortimel Guh-GLASphyr."
"That's an... interesting name," Lune said.
"Not ruh-REALly," Mortimel said, "but I'll gih-GIVE you credit for chuh-TRYING. Now why're you huh-HERE?"
"Er... I told you: Nsr. Stalk sent me here," Lune said.
"Ih-AH, but why, I meant?"
"Oh... because I put a bowl of noodles on property of the instructional institute."
"Thi-thi-THE plastic dinos-SAUR?"
"Wuh-WELL, I say, good juh-JOB, lad! That's the funniest funny thing yuh-YET!"
"Thank you, Jtr. Glasphyr."
"Huh-HEY, you can kuh-CALL me Mort."
"Sorry... Mort."
"Now then, Ah-I'VE got the right mind to puh-PROVE that this Nsr. Stalk needs to guh-GET a sense of humor!" Mort said.
"It's okay," Lune said, "I'm just going to bear with it. My mother taught me, 'Forgive and forget, and you won't regret.'"
"Huh-HUH. Well, your mother must've buh-BEEN a smart lass."
"Yeah... Besides, everyone tries to ditch the incinerator room, and then they just get in trouble again..."

Later that day, Nsr. Stalk was arrested for child cruelty. The raging stalk raged at everything in sight while being carried away by the overdogs.
Lune Artem smiled to himself and went home.
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