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400words's Journal

Daily Insanity for Writers
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400 words a day.

Terry Pratchett, when asked for writerly advice, said that he's written 400 words a day, every day, for the last 6 years. If he missed a day, he made it up the day before or after. If he had nothing to say, he'd invent characters and have them talk to each other. The idea is to keep yourself writing, keep the words flowing.

400 words a day.

This community exists for those of us interested in accomplishing the same goal. There will be a daily topic posted every day. You can write your 400 words on whatever you want. It can be part of your ongoing project. Or, you can take the daily topic and go with it.

If you've got any questions, feel free to ask penmage or burninglilac, your moderators.