Matthildur (tjara) wrote in 400words,

It was rather hard to get started today but I did it, whoo! I feel out of practice, haha. :P

The harbour seemed calm and quiet and the carrier vessel was just barely seen bobbing up and down with the waves. It was an enormous ship and what intrigued Tal was the large T like tower that seemed to be built to give more space for containers on this ship’s body. Two large cranes were attatched to the ship on one side and hovering above the ship was another sturdier one that was built on the docking area.
The lieutenant on board the boat Tal was on signalled to cut the engines as they drew closer to the docking area and among three other Tal had to pick up oars and start rowing the rest of the way.

“Remember that we want no civil casualties here, and if you are in doubt do not shoot to kill unless they clearly are reaching for a potential weapon. Our goal is to stay alive through this,” the young lieutenant reminded quietly one more time. He was younger than Tal but he looked very toughened up. He certainly had potential to be a high flyer and seemed to have this grim determination to keep this team of amateurs alive.

Despite being employed by a company specialising in warfare and as such being strongly encouraged to keep in shape for combat, it wasn’t quite what the office rats of it focused on. It somehow didn’t feel trivial to be able to run a hundred metres in a certain amount of time when the primary action they got was to sort out how to get the armed forces their food and weapons, thousands of miles away.
Thus, some on Tal’s team were neurotic and already sweaty just at the thought of running around an area full of containers and people that were not all targets.

“This is our stop, arm your weapons and get up up up!” the lieutenant –whose surname happened to be Prescott- called out in a hushed voice. He instantly grabbed hold of the bars that made the stair up to the docks and pulled himself up amazingly quick. They were practically under the ship’s rudder now, and it seemed bigger than ever. Danya who was next to Tal was breathing raggedly, and Tal grabbed the front of her chest protection and pulled her up with her. “We will do this together, stay with me,” Tal whispered urgently to her as she pulled her to the stairs and forced her up ahead of her. The poor woman was trembling in fear. As soon as she was up far enough Tal could see somebody pull Danya up rest of the way and used it as her cue to hurry up after her. There were four people still on the boat.

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